Who we are

At Cinque we aim to mitigate credit risk whilst enabling growth within an ever-changing economic environment. Let us help you secure your business's growth through our specialised services.

Our expert staff team provides strategic advice on credit risk mitigation. We will find a complete solution to manage your credit risk, including full assessments and information on debtors, credit insurance, self-insurance, collections, both pre-legal and legal, and complete credit documentation.

Cinque's personal approach will ensure that clients are routinely updated on current market trends, product developments, and new innovations in the industry. Regular client interaction through on-site staff training means that your company's staff are kept up to date on market trends and product developments.

Why Cinque?

  • Cost effective credit risk management
  • Largest specialist credit risk solutions provider in South Africa with global reach through our international network
  • Dynamic and energetic service team
  • The size of our team enables us to deliver a truly specialised service
  • Cinque is the largest South-African-owned credit broker
  • We seek alternative solutions through non-traditional thinking
  • We offer a full spectrum of credit risk services tailored to each client's unique needs

Cinque is the South African partner of the International Credit Brokers Alliance (ICBA); the world's largest team of independently-owned, specialist trade credit insurance brokerages. Established in 1999, ICBA currently has offices in 25 countries on five continents. ICBA partners combine local service and expertise with global co-ordination to provide trade, credit and political risk insurance solutions for multinational companies.

Serving over 7000 clients, ICBA brokers are a global network of entrepreneurs. With the support of the ICBA team, ICBA partners act effectively and collaboratively to provide trade, credit and political risk insurance solutions to companies conducting business in the international marketplace.

Quanta5 is a cloud-based, end-to-end debtor management solution

  • It helps you to manage your debtor processes accurately and consistently.
  • Information is clearly organised, safely stored and accessible to you and your team at the touch of a button.
  • Debtor processes are originated and executed efficiently, promptly and accurately – from order to payment.
  • Ultimately Quanta5 helps you increase sales to credit-worthy customers, whilst limiting the investment in working capital.

Quanta5 is a state of the art credit risk and collections management system for businesses looking for seamless debtor management.



Cinque has a dynamic group of staff dedicated to the highest level of service. Our client-facing team are all graduates including chartered accountants, and chartered financial analysts who have extensive financial services, credit management and credit insurance experience.

Our team includes key relationship managers with extensive credit insurance underwriting experience obtained with Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation and Coface.

We believe that credit risk mitigation products are becoming more and more information technology dependent, and as such have invested in a fully-fledged programming team to develop state-of-the-art user interfaces and data mining. Our qualifications, experience and enthusiasm distinguish us from the rest of the credit insurance market and enable us to provide our clients with innovative products; customised to each client's needs.

Darrell von Broembsen
Stefan Schoeman
Zelda Bredenhann
Nathania Vorster
Raymond Lellyett
Gavin van den Heever
Wernher Ferreira
Paul Vosloo