Cinque team adds experience and expertise

As 2015 flies by we thought it time to give you an update on what's been happening at Cinque. You may have heard a few unfamiliar voices on the phone recently - that's because we've added 10 new staff members over the past 6 months, taking our full team to 30 people. We've experienced an incredible amount of growth in all our key areas, including credit vetting, collections and insurance.

One particularly exciting addition to the Cinque team is Raymond Lellyett. Raymond brings more than 25 years of credit insurance experience to the company of which 15 years was spent at the largest credit insurer as their head of Steel and Allied industries. His wealth of experience and knowledge is a major asset to ourselves and our clients.

An important point we'd like to emphasise during this growth period, is that though Cinque may be growing, we have no intention of changing our personalised approach to dealing with our clients. Our staff members are dedicated, and each deals with specific policies. Cinque portfolio managers share our high performance culture and are all university graduates, so quality is never compromised.

We would like to thank all our client for joining us on this growth journey. Cinque is already the largest specialist credit insurance broker in South Africa, and we have every intention of ensuring that this status is always to our clients' advantage.